At Soap A GoGo, we take customer safety, as well as our own, very seriously. We want you to feel good about your decision to shop with us and to know your products are being delivered to you without compromise. 

Here are some facts we think you should know about our production and fulfillment processes:

- There is very limited access to our "soapatorium", office, and packing room. On the rare occasion we have a visitor, they must wear a mask and gloves and never handle raw materials or unwrapped products. 

- We follow our GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) to the letter. All ingredients are kept sealed until they are used and are resealed after production. Our 'soapatorium' (studio where the goodies are made) is cleaned daily and work surfaces are sanitized. 

- Orders are handled with the same care we give our production. Products are kept sealed in containers until fulfillment when they are packed by myself, Scott, or Josh, and handed over to USPS. 

- We monitor our health and personal safety by taking all precautions necessary to keep our home and business safe and clean. As you might suspect, hand washing is frequent here and we have plenty of soap around to do the job.

Thank you for trusting us and our products. Your support and commitment to your own health and safety as well as those around you is greatly appreciated!


Scott Elgart
Owner, Soap A GoGo

Upcoming Events

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    September 30 - October 1st 2023

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    October 7, 2023

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  • SAVE Animal Shelter Fund Raiser

    October 14, 2023

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  • Hopewell Harvest Fair

    RESCHEDULED - October 21, 2023

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    November 4, 2023